Introduction to Biostatistics using Stata®

Last update: November 28, 2007

Organizer: Metrika Consulting

Date: Saturday March 1, 2008

Place: Stockholm

Language: English

Deadline: Sign up before February 25, 2008

Cancellation policy: If you have signed up and need to cancel, you do not need to pay any fee if you cancel more than 11 days before the course starts (the dead-line for signing up). You will need to pay half the fee if you cancel less than 11 days before the course starts.

Price: 3000 SEK, excl. VAT.

Registration: Just write an email to Metrika Consulting


Nicola Orsini
The National Institute of Environmental Medicine,
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Phone: +46 8 52487837

Course description

A course designed to provide the participant with an understanding of the foundations of biostatistics and how useful the discipline is in tackling problems in the health sciences. Students will be introduced to descriptive statistics, graphical techniques, confidence intervals, correlation, and regression. Topics include: comparison of two means, correlation, linear regression, comparison of two proportions, analysis of contingency tables, and logistic regression.


The course is intended for anyone who wishes or needs to use Stata. No previous knowledge of Stata or of statistics is required, although familiarity with Microsoft Windows will be assumed. Students will gain the familiarity with Stata by practicing.

Preliminary outline of the course

Morning session

  • Let's get started with Stata interface and windows
  • Descriptive statistics of continuous and categorical variables
  • Graph the distribution
  • Confidence interval for the mean
  • Comparison of two means
  • Confidence interval for a proportion
  • Comparison of two proportions

Afternoon session

  • Pearson and Spearman correlation
  • Linear regression
  • Interpreting continuous and categorical predictors
  • Analysis of contingency tables (Chi-Square test)
  • Logistic regression
  • Interpreting continuous and categorical predictors

  9:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 16:00 Afternoon Session

The students will have their hands on a keyboard with Stata running troughout the learning sessions. Each learning session will give equal weight to tutorials and practical exercises.

Course material

Lecture notes, datasets, exercises, and solutions will be available here for the students.

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