Logistic regression using Stata®

Organizer: Metrika Consulting

Date: Friday November 25, 2011

Place: Stockholm

Language: English

Registration: Just write an email to Metrika Consulting

Course description

This course introduces participants to the practice and application of logistic regression modeling for binary outcomes. Participants will fit, evaluate, and interpret binary data models. Topics include assessment of confounding and effect modification, use of indicator variables, model building methods, goodness-of-fit assessment, presentation of logistic regression models for reports and publications. Datasets from the medical and public health literature will be used as case studies to be analyzed using the Stata® statistical package.


The course is intended for anyone who wishes or needs to use Stata. Basic knowledge of Stata and statistics is ideal. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows will be assumed. Students will gain the familiarity with Stata by practicing.

Preliminary outline of the course

Morning session

  • Descriptive statistics and contingency tables
  • Confidence interval for the risk of the disease
  • Point and interval estimates based on the model
  • Plot of the risks and ratios of risks
  • Testing hypothesis (Wald and likelihood based)

Afternoon session

  • Modeling categorical and continuous predictors
  • Building multivariable logistic regression models
  • Goodness of fit
  • Evaluate confounding effects
  • Test for interaction and graphical representation

  9:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 16:00 Afternoon Session

The students will have their hands on a keyboard with Stata running troughout the learning sessions. Each learning session will give equal weight to tutorials and practical exercises.

Course material

Lecture notes, datasets, exercises, and solutions will be available over the internet for the students.

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